Aweta is a trend-setting supplier of turn-key solutions for the grading and packing of fresh fruit and vegetables. Innovation drives our success; our external and internal optical sorting sensors (Power Vision 3D and Inscan-IQ) and tracking & tracing products are the most advanced on the market.

Citrus Grading and Sorting

Aweta provides sorting technologies to sort many kind of citrus such like; small fruit like clementines or mandarines (Midstar),

all types of oranges (Rollerstar Q+) and bigger grapefruits (Megastar). Star sorters are able to separate citrus by color

(from green to bright), by quality, freshness and taste criteria (sugar and acid content). All these results are possible on Aweta grading and sorting solutions and technologies like Inscan-Iqa- citrus and PowerVision Citrus.

With our newest generation star sorters, a big step has been done in gentleness fruit handling and automation which become very important to increase quality and packing cost (with EasyPal)

Bell-Pepper Grading and Sorting

Aweta started to build sorting machine for bell-peppers more than 25 years ago.
Long years of experience were necessary to reach an incomparable expertise in grading and packing peppers;

•  Excellent singulation even with long stem
•  Accurate sorting by weight, diameter and quality
•  Box filling system able to optimize the weight of each box
•  Buffering system able to store the boxes of each size in a minimum space
•  High speed palletization system
•  Complete traceability of the product trough the total proce

Mango Grading and Sorting

Nowadays, avocadoes an mangoes require higher level of sorting which takes into account not only the usual weight and color parameters but accurate separation according visible defects and inside criteria such as maturity, decays and other physiological informations; Aweta sorting technologies with Advanced Vision systems and Inscan-iqa are able to provide these sorting parameters. Aweta proposes the best sizers Rollerstar (for avocadoes) and Megastar (for Mangoes) and very delicate box filling solutions which preserve fruit sensitivity and facilitate packing and re-packing (Flex filler).

Tomato Grading and Sorting

Aweta designed specific sorting machines for each type of tomatoes;

  • The smallest like cherry/ grape tomatoes are sorted by the Millistar at the speed between 20 and 30 cups/ second
  • The round tomatoes are sorted by the Midstar or the Pentacup©
  • The beef tomatoes are sorted by the Megastar
  • The biggest like Coeur de boeuf are sorted by the Megacup
  • Aweta is able to supply the complete line from depaletizer, pre-selection/ pre-sorting, 
      washing/drying, box filling/ packing, palletizing/ strapping

Stone Fruit Grading and Sorting


Stone fruits represent a large range of different products. Aweta designed specific sorting and packing solutions for each of them.

Millistar sizer is able to grade cherries by diameter, color and defects. New solutions around the Midstar sizer are available for

plums and apricots focusing on higher speed and higher performance (high accuracy of weight) and delicacy the same time.

A new generation of Rollerstar sizer is able to handle peaches and nectarines performing high delicacy, better weighing

accuracy and finer Vision in defect grading with PowerVision 3D.

Melon Grading and Sorting

Aweta has designed the Mega-cup to sort melons by weight, diameter and internal quality (inscan-Iqa)

Mega-cup is fast, accurate and extremely robust to handle very heavy products like melons.

Infeed Technology

Our initial processes involve either utilizing a dry route for bins filled with a wide variety of fruit and vegetables

or a wet approach for the more delicate varieties such as apples, tomatoes and peaches. Either method can

be applied to any produce. These methods include brushing, drying and waxing processes which clean and

prepare the product for immediate packaging on the grading line.

Grading Technology

The Aweta grading system is at an advantage over competing products, since it operates using the same software and

technological infrastructure, regardless of the actual products being processed. This uniform designenables efficient service

and support worldwide, as well as flexible switching between processed products. Our repertoire of intelligent grading

machines can operate in accordance to custom made programs for individual products such as apples, pears, peppers

and eggplants, kaki, fish and even roses – to name a few. Our electronic platform not only manages the grading

parameters, but also integrates tracking and tracing, and controls allocations to specific outlets.

Sensors, Inscan - Powervision

Produce is sorted according to desired parameters such as weight, color, volume, diameter, density, shape,

and even quality. Our quality indicator is imperative to providing a higher standard of produce.

New sensor developments such as Power Vision 3D and Inscan-IQA enable our products to determine the quality

of the fruit or vegetable, or indeed any possible defects that are present, both inside or on the surface of the product.

This is all achieved by robotic selection at a high velocity without any resulting damage to the fruit or vegetable in question

Packing Technology

Aweta provides tailor-made solutions. An example is our line of unique and versatile packaging systems.

Produce is packaged in accordance to the individual requirements of the customer (e.g. supermarkets

and retailers). Methods include crates, boxes, bags, nets, clamshells or punnets. All packaging can be

labeled with the date of production and all other desired information, enabling accurate tracking and tracing

on an international scale.

Palletizing Technology

All of our palletization processes operate using a unique management and supervision system,

which includes equipment such as buffering and strapping means that ensure perfect control

of the packing lines, as well as efficient continuity and flow in production.