Our History

Based on the traditions our ancestors have created in the form of wisdom for life, or wisdom for the local community it is necessary to create new values that relate to modern consumers. Breaking away from the model of conventional mass production or gross sales systems, we have to listen to each customer carefully and understand what they want. In this new stage, Nile Valley Trade & Agencies (NVT) practical wisdom in science and technology transfer, building customers loyalty and mutual relation will be a great advantage in realizing more business opportunities and attracting new customers.

I believe that NVT strengths in the area of Wisdom Industry will play an important role not only in the domestic sales but also on a global level where wisdom is taken for granted as a key factor in adding value to new products.

We Nile Valley Trade and Agencies we always feel that we are different than other companies that have the same agencies or service we offer .As we do our most to work as honest eyes between our suppliers and our customers

I believe that success belongs to those who dare to dream first, then set a plan and finally work on realizing this plan and objectives. We understand that success cannot be measured by the amount of wealth our enterprise generates or by how much the sales, but by the degree of development it brings to the society in addition how to be different than others in same activity.

My hope is that The NVT will continue serving our customers with pride and courage and contribute a bit more for the growth of agriculture export industry

And, for those who are keen to it, you taste ad test The Nile Valley Trade & Agencies products and services you are truly and warmly welcome to contact us. I’ll be proud to get to serve you.

The keyword wisdom exists in all forms. We hope this website will provide a deeper understanding of NVT vision of intellectual industry. Finally, based on this understanding, we sincerely hope that you will be able to successfully establish meaningful business relationships in NVT.

Since the beginning we have been exploring by adding new essential values such as straightforwardness, integrity, learning from our mistakes, creativity and innovation as well as expertise and quality.

These values have become a part of the company concepts since the outset.

With these same values we continued growing in all the commercial agencies, manufacturing and service sector. In addition we succeed to build magnificent relations between our suppliers and factories and our customers we serve

Everyone has the right to dream, but to transform this dream into reality we need enterprises and human potentials able to weave the threads of these expertise, ideas and information together and transform them into a tangible and measurable service to our customers.

That is why we have to be receptive to all opinions and ideas, for the products or services we offer and to accept new concepts, in parallel with customers complain with an open mind; driven by enthusiasm and determination to achieve what may seem an impossible target.

Thank you all

It is always our clients who will enable us to progress by pushing us to improve our competencies. Stay attentive, watchful and modest. For that, I ask of each person in the company what the customers expect from our company: Competence, Loyalty, Enthusiasm.

These are the 3 keywords of our development. They permit us to face the future with the necessary serenity which comes, without doubts, from our factories and suppliers who have