About Us

Nile Valley Trade & Agencies is an Egyptian shareholder company established on 2003 with its main core activity of export and import complete packing and packaging materials and machines for fresh produce.
The company represents in the Middle East region several different international companies and manufactures.
NVT started as an import company into Egypt for packing and packaging materials.  As the business grew, opportunities were seen to also export these products into countries in the surrounding regions.  NVT has adjusted its focus from being an import company only in the packing and packaging industry to an import / export business specializing in the middle east but working with the Far East, Europe and the United States in a range of products and services.

Our History

Based on the traditions our ancestors have created in the form of wisdom for life, or wisdom for the local community it is necessary to create new values that relate to modern consumers.
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Our Mission

To be the center and the real source of technical information and data and Statistics for our customers and our suppliers

Providing our customers the responsive and effective service balance they expect and need for the products we supply, the service we provide and the prices we offer.

Our Vision

To be a globally respected organization which provide best packing and packaging solutions, using high-end technology and by best mind