ITW Gunther presents the reactive capacity and the adaptability of a small firm. It is located close to customers thanks to industrial sites all over Europe and benefits from the logistics, the research and development resources and the image of an international leader.

The ITW Group is located in Illinois (USA) and employs more than 55 000 people working in 49 countries. Decentralized into more than 750 operating units, ITW has made a name for itself as a world leader in packaging, fastening and protection solutions. 

ITW Gunther offers a wide range of products : straight edge-boards, polyform protective products, ecoload sheets, reddi-crate boxes, polystrap protective products, strap protectors, U profile protective products and flat corners to protect circular or longitudinal articles, round, cylindrical, complex or cone-shaped things.

These products are practical solutions for protection, packaging reinforcement, fastening, conditioning, stacking, strapping, palletization, wedging.

9 divisions in Europe

France division

Through their commitment to quality, respect for the environment as well as customer service, ITW Gunther is much more than an ordinary manufacturer of protective packaging.
ITW Gunther sites are certified ISO 9001 (2000) standard

Quality Certification

Demanding when it comes to resistance tests and controls over the whole range of our processes, we commit ourselves to quality and continuous improvement.

Environmental Responsibility  

ITW Gunther anticipates environment regulations and takes into account these requirements for the manufacturing of his products.