International BV develops and produces weighing- and packaging machines for fresh potatoes, vegetables and fruit. Besides this Manter can offer solutions for your specific weighing and/or packaging problem. To illustrate; the machines are applicable for processed products such as deep-frozen fish and meat or for instance animal-feed.
The Manter machines are developed and assembled at one location, resulting in a complete, qualitative line of machinery that connects perfectly and functions efficiently as one. Quality for Manter means exact, reliable and durable machines, keeping maintenance costs low.
Manter strides for constant innovation in technique, likewise in the digital field. Since 2012 the machines are online and grow along with the digital era. With Manter Gateway maintenance and updates of the machines can be performed remotely and the client can download data from the machine to analyze and process on his own system.
The combination of development and assembly at one location gives all the more possibilities for flexible, personal solutions for the client; a great starting point for strong service. Not surprisingly, the value of Manter for the client lies, besides a qualitative machine, in expert advice during the procurement process and perfect service during installation and the entire lifespan of the machine. This service has a world wide reach thanks to an extensive network of dealers.
With this formula Manter has become a respected player on the international market over the last two decades; if you would like to know what Manter can mean for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Manter is manufacturer of weighers and baggers for the fresh food and processed food industry.
- Specialists in Fruit and Vegetables

- 250gr up to 50kg portions

- High accuracy at high speed

- Proven low maintenance costs

- Successful sales throughout the world